The Brand

Anca Stetco tradition and innovation for a determined and feminine woman.

The brand that highlights the beauty and prestige of Made in Italy proposing an innovative design for shoes-sculpture to wear from morning to night.

Anca Stetco footwear collection was born in 2016 after the founder’s long experience in the fashion industry. An experimental design that gives a nod to the world of arts, adding a strong identity in the definition of shoes-sculpture that combine innovation, modernity and tradition.

The Story

Originary from Transylvania, but living in Italy, Anca begins her journey in the world of fashion working as a model. After more than 15 years and Economics graduated, she realizes that her way is different, so she decides to put together the know-how achieved so far, with the passion for fashion, in order to create her own shoeline, Anca Stetco.

Made in Italy, luxury and uniqueness are the foundation of Anca Stetco footwear collection, in a harmonious and sophisticated mix of prestige and portability.

Each shoe represents the synthesis of an accurate research, of the Italian craftsmanship and of a design aiming the future balancing between perfection and everyday life.

The Manufacturer

What gives to Anca’s creations an added value is the long experience of the finest craftsmen and the strong network of artisans and suppliers, all based in Italy.

Shoes to be worn from day to evening, Anca Stetco collections are inspired by the identity of a contemporary and cosmopolitan woman who aspires to wea something unique, sophisticated but simple.

Each collection combines luxury and the research of precious materials, such as Italian leather and suede, special fabrics and exotic skins, for footwear with strong and contemporary forms. Working side by side with the best craftsmen of the Riviera del Brenta, Venice area, in some of the few remaining laboratories able to guarantee the skills needed to create a luxury shoe. Through each collection Anca aspires to create designs that are timeless, designs that can be worn season after season, feminine and chic, classic with a twist.